eating-right-to-fuel-exerciseWe all know when it comes to losing weight it can be a little difficult to keep it off.  Research has shown that over time dieters will gain the weight back that they had lost.  Weight loss camps motivate their campers to lose weight and they teach them how they can keep it off when they go back home.

Researcher, Donna Ryan, mentions that some people do not view obesity as a disease but as a result of poor eating choices.  People believe that obese and overweight people can just simply eat less and exercise more to help lose excess weight.  She also mentions that many people believe that it is all about “personal choice,” but research shows that the biology is not as simple as people think.

During the time when someone is trying to lose weight and when they do lose weight, there are many biological responses in their body that are designed to stop the weight loss and return them to their pre-diet weight.  Leptin, the driver of the fullness hormones, drops and ghrelin, the hormone that stimulates appetite signals start “raging,” which would make these dieters feel really hungry, Ryan explains.

“Leptin is a big driver in obesity, “ Ryan states.  “If you lose 15% of your body weight, leptin is going to drop by 65%, which means your body thinks it’s starving.”  She also states, “on top of that, your metabolic rate (the calories you burn at rest) is lower.  If, say, you lose 10% of your starting weight, your metabolic rate is reduced by 20% because your thyroid hormone drops.”

Ryan says there are ways people can fight their biology.  Research has shown that people who had successfully lose weight and kept it off do enough physical activity a day to burn up around 450 calories to reward towards their lower metabolism.  People just need the motivation to really move around.

Weight loss camp, Camp Shane, provides days full of physical activity from sun up to sun down.  During meal times campers are served in portion controlled, which is a major key to weight lossNutrition and cooking classes are provided to educate our campers how to lose weight and keep it off.  Remember eat the proper portions and do enough physical activity each day and you’re golden!

Information for this blog is from Keeping weight off is tough.