For many parents, watching your child get hurt is harder on you than if it was happening to you directly. We know…we are parents, too.

Often times, kids taunt, bully and tease with no regard whatsoever to each other’s feelings. Many times, even a lack of attention can be hurtful, like when your child isn’t included in certain ‘groups’ or ‘cliques.’ For these reasons, sending your child to a weight loss camp can be a scary or unsettling feeling.

Rest assured, none of that happens here at Camp Shane.

Each child is not only valued by us, but part of our weight loss experience, is for all children to learn to value each other and ultimately, to value themselves. We build self-esteem through a program of time-honored activities with a focus on team building:Acceptance

  • Activities are fun, not threatening, and even the most dedicated “Couch Potato” will find themselves wanting to join in.
  • Everyone participates and everyone is included.
  • Our brother/sister program pairs campers, creating an unbreakable bond, for even the shyest of children.
  • Friendships form that will carry on long past the end of camp. No one leaves Camp Shane lonely or alone.
  • Daily recognition is given for acts of kindness among campers.
  • Awards are given weekly (and generously) to campers for any noteworthy behavior.
  • Our “Guidance Program” helps build self esteem.  Here, everyone is a winner.
  • We pay attention.  Counselors give daily reports on campers, looking for anyone that may need special attention (or maybe an extra hug).
  • The staff communicates constantly with the Camp Director about each camper’s emotional condition, identifying any potential problems quickly.
  • We let each child know how special they are, just for being themselves.

At Camp Shane, we have a “Commitment to Care” program which means no teasing, name-calling, or bullying is tolerated. Everyone is included and everyone deserves and receives support and respect. Here, your child will learn important lessons about who they are and what they have the potential to become, which will serve them for the rest of their lives.


That’s part of what we do here at Camp Shane…and we’d love for your child to be a part of it all!

Please call us at (914) 271- 4141 anytime. We’re always available and happy to talk to parents.

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