Camp Shane has always priced its program well below other high end programs because we want as many people as possible to afford camp.  We don’t make claims that after you pay high camp tuition, you will get various refunds. As the only camp in the country that actually owns (not rents) our property, we are able to do this – while delivering the very best program, facilities and staff you will find anywhere.

Here are some options to keep in mind in helping you assess the cost of camp:

Insurance Reimbursement

A portion of the camp tuition may be reimbursable by your insurance company; please contact your insurer directly.

Tax Deduction 

Tuition payments may be tax deductible under a 2002 policy (IRS Ruling 202-19) that provides that obesity is medically accepted to be a disease in its own right.  Under this ruling, treatment for obesity, including a weight loss program, may be claimed as a medical deduction with a referral from a doctor.  Please check with your tax advisor.

Medical Spending Account 

You may be able to pay for tuition through your medical spending account; your company’s plan administrator should be able to advise you.