This may not come as a shock to some, but there is a serious correlation between obesity and depression among Americans, according to recent studies.  This applies to obese children, as well as obese adults.  Those who suffer from obesity have poor health status and an overall dissatisfaction with their appearance.  Having a feeling of low self worth will lead to slower brain waves and decreased activity level, negative thoughts, and care of oneself.  Therefore, morbidly obese people may have difficulty taking care of themselves hygienically, as well as sticking to fitness regimens.

Treatment can be obtained through regular exercise and dieting for a healthy lifestyle.  Exercise can be categorized as moderate to rigorous physical activity three to five times a week.  Continuous physical activity will without a doubt lead to weight loss success.  Those who are suffering from depression paired with obesity may find it helpful to seek professional help before starting a fitness regimen.  Professionals can help you to organize an eating plan along with added physical activity at their local gym or health center.  Those who are currently battling depression may find peace in the fact that it can be reversed and weight loss will occur if sticking to a strict plan.

To fight childhood obesity, the simple formula is eating healthy in combination with physical activity.  Encourage your child to try new, healthy foods and discourage them from too much time spent in front of the TV or computer screen.  Better yet, weight loss programs like Camp Shane weight loss overnight camp are designed specifically for kids to lose weight in a supportive, fun environment.