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Childhood Diet Habits Set in Infancy, Studies Suggest.

We found the following article and thought it was relevant to our Shane Weight Loss Camps. It appeared in the New York Times on September 2nd in print on page A13.

Efforts to improve what children eat should begin before they even learn to walk, a series of nutritional studies published on Tuesday has found. Taken together, the data indicate that infant feeding patterns persist far longer than has been appreciated.

“Our early taste preferences, particularly for fruits and vegetables, and on the flip side for sugary beverages, are lasting,” said Dr. Elsie M. Taveras, chief of the division of general pediatrics at MassGeneral Hospital for Children in Boston, who was not involved in the new research.

“These studies are suggesting that in terms of diet quality, the die might be cast in the first year,” she added.

The package of 11 studies was published in the journal Pediatrics and was funded by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the Food and Drug Administration, among others. Investigators tracked the diets of roughly 1,500 6-year-olds, comparing their eating patterns to […]

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Salty snacks, extra pounds send blood pressure soaring in U.S. kids

A new study funded by the National Institute of Health says too much salt and childhood obesity has created a generation at great risk of cardiovascular disease, organ damage, heart attacks and strokes

The percentage of American children and adolescents ages 8 to 17 who have high blood pressure — a risk factor for heart disease, organ damage, heart attacks and strokes — climbed 27% over 13 years, according to researchers from Harvard Medical School.

Dr. Joanna Dolgoff, a child obesity expert pediatrician and Medical Director at Camp Shane, the New York state summer weight loss camp for children, states that she sees elevated blood pressure in many of her young patients who are attending Camp Shane this summer.  Kids are developing high blood pressure because they are eating foods that are full of sodium.

“Kids eat far too much sodium,” says the study’s co-author Dr. Stephen Daniels, chair of the Department of Pediatrics at the University of Colorado School of Medicine.  “And they aren’t adding it at the table, and their parents aren’t putting it into food; they’re getting it through processed foods.”

Dr. Patrick McBride, professor of medicine at the University of Wisconsin school of Medicine and Public Health agrees.  “It’s […]

Weight Loss Camps Help Maintain a Healthy Weight

932805041_1351712038If your child is at a healthy weight currently, there are many ways you can help them maintain it.  If your child is overweight, you can help them with by eating healthy and following an exercise plan.  Weight loss camps look to help overweight and obese children and young adults to help them achieve a healthy weight and to maintain it.

According to experts, harsh diets and exercise plans are not the healthy habits to be striving for.  To single out an overweight kid will just make them feel like they’re being teased and unhappy.  You can help your overweight kid work towards a healthy weight the same way you can help a healthy weight kid maintain their weight.  Make it easy for everyone in the family to make healthy choices.  Encourage your family to continuously make healthy choices and they will eventually become healthy habits.

Eat dinner as a family.  You can encourage family health while having dinner together as a family.  Studies have shown that family meals help bring on a healthier diet and lower rates of obesity.  Experts say that social eating is good for us.  Family dinners are […]

Healthy Playgrounds. Happy Kids. Communities Win Big with Together Counts™ Annual Grant Program

41A4DCB4E2C3946AE574CDB458250The summer of 2013 is going to be extra special for thousands of children who know when they return to elementary school next fall, they’ll have new ways to play and be active.

As a member of the Healthy Weight Commitment Foundation, we have helped get the word out to schools and families about Together Counts,™ a far-reaching anti-obesity initiative bolstered by our support and yours. We’re thrilled that our efforts will directly impact 7,000 students through this year’s grant program, aimed at communities who need it most, with more than $175,000 in playground equipment, sports gear and cash.

Much like the goals of Camp Shane which  is a weight loss camp that can offer more to children than just losing weight.  We are here to help teach you how to live a healthier lifestyle, which includes being physically active and eating a healthier diet.  Spending a summer at Camp Shane you will make friends, have fun, and gain confidence!

We salute the top winners for each program below and invite you to celebrate the winners from all […]

Kids’ Weight Loss: Why Is It So Hard?

Why is the childhood obesity rate so high in our country? Why is it so hard for children to lose weight, when they should have high energy levels? Why is it that even for parents who instill good healthy lifestyle habits, their kids can become overweight or obese? There are many questions that surround childhood obesity and kids’ weight loss and some of the answers are addressed in a recent CNN article by Jacque Wilson.

As one mother in the article points out, although she practices good eating habits with her children, there are factors beyond her control at school and extra-curricular activities. Teachers hand out junk food in the morning, before it’s even lunchtime and sugary treats are used as rewards after soccer practice. It can be extremely frustrating for a parent who works so hard to practice good habits, only to have them unravel outside of the home.

Dr. Stephen Daniels, chief pediatrician at Children’s Hospital Colorado, points out that every day, children are exposed to fast-food advertising, surrounded by vending machines at school, have hundreds of channels to watch on TV, own multiple video game systems, and live in neighborhoods […]

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