Are Cleanses the New Eating Disorder?

By Amber Ketchum 

Using cleanses to “detox the body” are all the rage these days.  From programs like the traditional 10-day water, lemon, cayenne mixture with no food, to various juice cleanses, herb concoctions, and Epsom salt baths…there is pretty much a cleanse for everything imaginable. Some people even do multiple cleanses back-to-back in hopes to not only rid themselves of toxins, but  also lose weight. While the use of cleanses has become very popular, it is a highly controversial topic in the health & wellness community and one we run into a lot here at Camp Shane.


The idea behind the use of cleanses is that the body is full of toxins, whether from foods such as wheat, dairy, chemical additives, or from exposure to substances like mercury, lead, and more.  Many people have started doing these cleanses based on things they’ve read online or in books, or seen on TV. This leads us to the question:  Have these cleanses become the newest eating disorder?  They certainly come with a strict set of rules for “detoxing” the body and have taken the consumer market by storm even though there are some health risks involved.

One […]

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Weight Loss Camps: Obesity Defined by Age 5?


A Recent Study on the Growing Epidemic of Childhood Obesity

Does your weight at kindergarten predict your weight later in life? A recent New York Times article suggests that it does. A study that followed children from kindergarten to eighth grade had results worth taking notice. In a sample of over 7,000 children, many of those that were overweight at the beginning of the study were obese by eighth grade.  Studies in the past have focused on how many children were overweight at various ages, not how weight changed over time.

Combating the Nation’s Obesity Epidemic

Experts say that the results of the study might reshape the way we approach the nation’s obesity statistics in young children through adulthood. They suggest that our efforts should start much earlier with very young children who are showing a propensity to being overweight.  Weight Loss camps for children are a great way to help your child learn good eating and exercise habits setting them on a path to a healthy adulthood.

Tips From A Weight Loss Camp: How To Satisfy Those Sweet Cravings

Overeating Small

It would be nice if all the cravings we had for decadent desserts vanished the second we slipped on a bathing suit or stepped on the scale? While that’s not the case, you can still get a sugar fix without worrying about tacking on extra pounds. Instead of depriving yourself during the holidays, which can make cravings worse and result in a binge find a sweet treat that won’t set you back hundreds of calories. At weight loss camp we serve a lot of these treats to help satisfy our campers during their weight loss journey.
Try these satisfying treats that won’t put the weight on and keep you on the healthy diet track:

Strawberries (1 cup) topped with fat-free whipped cream (4 tbsp): At 45 calories a cup, naturally sweet strawberries won’t go straight to your hips, and they taste extra rich with a touch of whipped cream. We’ll bet you won’t notice a difference between the fat-free and the full-fat cream—but your waistline sure will: The former contains only 10 calories per serving.

Werther’s sugar free candy: These sweets are made with real butter […]

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How to fight obesity when the grocery shelf is filled with misleading product labels.

groceryWhen you take a trip to the grocery store the goal is to fill the cart at a reasonable price with good food.  Eating a healthy diet and avoiding obesity is what we all work towards.  We look at the product labels and we see pictures that entice us to buy and believe that what we see on the label is what we will find in the package. How many of us don’t take the time to read the back of the product label to see what’s really in the package. Weight loss camps teach the importance of reading the back of the package.  The label is where you will find out if the pretty picture on the front matches the product that is contained within.  As the consumer you have the responsibility to take the time and read your labels.

 Many commercially prepared products are loaded with the stuff out of chemistry class and tend to be high in calories from added sugars which can be a leading cause for obesity.  One example of a food cover not matching what you believe to be inside is McCormick […]

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Weight Loss Camps; Replace Fad Diets with Healthy Eating Habits

fruitsaladEspecially during the Holiday season it is so hard to stick with our healthy eating habits.  We often say to ourselves I can eat this high calorie treat and tomorrow I will diet.  Long-term health benefits don’t come from temporary fad diets and weight loss camps teach you this. They come from making healthy choices you can keep up with for more than a few weeks.  No one likes the idea of dieting so if you simply change your daily eating habits you won’t have to give the word diet a second thought.  There are lots of resources on the web for the treats that we crave without the high calories.  Seek them out if at all possible and bring them with you to any party and keep them around at home when you have that craving.

Here are five small steps taught at weight loss camps to take during the holiday season that will equate to big results:   

  1. Start swapping: You don’t have to make big changes to get big results. Simply swapping out certain ingredients for higher-nutrition options such as spinach instead of iceberg lettuce, cooking with “good fats” […]
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