As a kids weight loss camp, we are constantly scouring the news for the latest information pertaining to health in general and weight loss specifically; so when we came across this article in the New York Times regarding the much maligned egg we had to share it with you.

Written by Anahad O’Connor, the article goes on to mention what I consider are three very important points.

  • Clinical studies show that Eggsdietary cholesterol from eggs, shrimp and other animal foods has only a modest effect on blood cholesterol.
  • The American Heart Association no longer condemns eggs in its guidelines.
  • The federal government, in its Dietary Guidelines for Americans, notes that eating an egg yolk per day “does not result in increased blood cholesterol levels.

Since we are into lifestyle changes to help our campers achieve and maintain healthy kids weight loss by making good food choices and in the proper portion sizes, we here at Camp Shane believe this is a very timely article that holds excellent advice for both Campers and Parents. You may want to read the article in its entirety, so here is the link.