Turning an apple into an appealing treat is simple if you own an apple slicer.  This simple gadget can fit in your backpack and it will transform your apple.

Apple Slicer

AND, you can make the ultimate of healthy snacks – apple and peanut butter.

Yes, for a mere 170 calories you get an entire medium sized apple and a tablespoon of peanut butter to fuel you until your next meal. This snack has it all -protein, vitamins, fiber, sweetness, saltiness, crunchiness,….deliciousness…yummmm

People ask Snack Girl all the time, “What is your favorite snack?”. Apple and peanut butter ALWAYS wins. As long as I can get a fresh apple (my favorite is Granny Smith) then I am in heaven.

My kids adore this slicer because they can “make” their own snacks. If you can find an OXO brand slicer, buy it because it is soft enough for their little hands. They will grab the slicer, go get the apple out of the fridge and feel happy about their accomplishment.

Bring a slicer in your backpack and a jar of your favorite peanut butter. Here is an article on healthy peanut butter to […]